- Server side: Kamailio, Mediaproxy, Rtpproxy.

- User side: Freeswitch, Asterisk, almost every UA on market (Cisco, Mitel-Aastra, Panasonic, Yealink, Alcatel...)

- Architecture: Anycast & unicast topologies, redundant, scalable and high availability scenarios.

- Network: QoS, any problem with NAT timeouts, VoIP VLANs, ALG and others (Cisco, Juniper, Fortinet, NetScreen ...)

- Servers: Linux and FreeBSD.

- DBs: MySql, MS SQL Server, MemCached, Redis.

- Programming: Php, C, C++, javascript.

- RFCs: rfc3261 (SIP), rfc2833 (DTMF), rfc1889 (RTP), rfc4028 (session timers), rfc5658 (record-route), rfc2327 (sdp), rfc3264 (offer/answer sdp), rfc3265 (SIP event NOT), rfc3680 (event pack for REG), rfc3856 (event pack for PRES), rfc3903 (SIP event state PUB), rfc 2778 (model for Presence and IM), rfc3398 (ISDN ISUP-SIP conversion) ... and so on. Any RFC related to solutions and incidents with clients and carriers during these years has been deep investigated and tried to acomplish in our platform.