- Project management: I've been leadering teams for several years. As I've been involved on IT broad fields I'm able to search for best solutions. I've got lots of colleagues on different areas who help me and add several points of view. Being creative and final client vision are always kept in mind.

- Product Manager: Defining a product, it's not only the functional level, it means to bear in mind the whole product life cycle, defining the workflows and whatever departments involved have to do. The timing and necessary HR. How to manage documents, the hierarchical or the matrix access level. Marketing and price management, providers ... it's a nice field.

- Sales engineer: I can help to introduce your VoIP product on Southwestern Europe. Have you got a complex project? Should be interesting a wide solution and overall view? Over these years I've performed lots of technical and economical proposals around IT fields.

- Consultancy: When you only need some expertise to help you on your developments, another point of view to contrast your product, or just a guidance consultancy.

- Deployment: If you are interested in a particular deployment, like introducing VoIP on a big company, the planning, the timing, configuring the network infrastructure, servers and UAs.

- Clients: Carriers, big companies, new product startups ...